Fannie Mae to Add a Forbearance Indicator to its Credit Risk Transfer Disclosures

February 8, 2018


Fannie Mae continues to enhance its Connecticut Avenue Securities(CAS) and Credit Insurance Risk Transfer(CIRT) disclosure data set based on investor feedback and to provide greater transparency to the market. Beginning with February’s remittance, Fannie Mae will introduce a Forbearance Indicator that will apply to all outstanding CAS deals/CIRT transactions going forward:

  • Forbearance Indicator - An indicator that denotes that the mortgage loan has been granted, as per the terms of Fannie Mae's Servicing Guide, a forbearance period as a result of a borrower experiencing a temporary hardship, such as a natural disaster, death of a borrower, or for other similar such eligible life events.

In addition, we have provided an updated draft File Layout and Glossary to reflect the new data attribute.

As announced in February, Data Dynamics®, our unique analytical tool, was enhanced to provide additional data related to forbearance for Fannie Mae’s CAS and CIRT programs. Please review the full announcement for additional details.

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