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Debt Securities

Fannie Mae issues a wide variety of debt securities across the yield curve on predefined issuance dates as well as through the reverse inquiry process. This flexibility in our debt issuance provides an abundance of investment opportunities for investors.

Our diversified investor base spans the globe and includes fund managers, commercial banks, pension funds, insurance companies, foreign central banks, corporations, state and local governments, and other municipal authorities. Learn more.

Fannie Mae Credit Ratings

(As of November 14, 2023)

  S&P Moody's Fitch
Long-Term Senior Debt AA+ Aaa AA+
Short-Term Senior Debt A-1+ P-1 F1+
Preferred Stock D Ca(hyb) C/RR6
Outlook Stable Negative Stable

On November 14, 2023, Moody's Investors Service ("Moody’s") changed its outlook on Fannie Mae to negative from stable. This action reflects Moody's change of the outlook on the U.S. Government to negative from stable on November 10, 2023.


2024 Benchmark Notes Calendar

2024 Benchmark Notes Issuance Calendar
3rd, 10th 8th, 28th 7th, 27th 24th 9th, 29th 20th
16th 21st 4th 2nd, 16th 21st, 26th 4th
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Treasury Bridge™

Allows approved dealers to transact with Fannie Mae and provides information on Fannie Mae’s funding programs.

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Debt reports

Access short-term and long-term debt reports as well as the monthly Funding Summary, a year-to-date snapshot of Fannie Mae’s debt outstanding and debt issuance activities.

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Debt disclosure documents

Access our Universal Debt Facility Offering Circular, Pricing Supplements, or search for a Debt Document.

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