Stripped Debt Securities

Some of our debt securities are eligible for stripping into principal and interest components through the Federal Reserve Book Entry System.

All of our Benchmark Notes are eligible for stripping.

Strip eligibility may provide investors with cash management flexibility.


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Strip Report as of 2024

Original CUSIP Issue Date Maturity Date Amount Issued $ (thousands) Unstripped Balance $ (thousands) Corpus (principal) CUSIP Net Stripped to Date $ (thousands)
31364CDR6 5/29/1996 5/29/2026 26,465 6,465 31364EAD6 -20,000
31364FDC2 10/8/1997 10/8/2027 311,155 11,155 31364EAV6 -300,000
31364FVZ1 3/23/1998 3/23/2028 257,875 2,875 31364EBA1 -255,000
31359MEA7 8/6/1998 8/7/2028 264,259 101,759 31358DCS1 -162,500
31359MEB5 8/6/1998 8/6/2038 358,930 218,930 31358DCT9 -140,000
31359MEU3 5/15/1999 5/15/2029 2,350,000 2,136,528 31358DDC5 213,472
31359MFJ7 1/15/2000 1/15/2030 2,833,666 1,598,466 31358DDG6 -1,235,200
31359MFP3 5/5/2000 5/15/2030 3,650,000 946,800 31358DDR2 -2,703,200
31359MGK3 11/3/2000 11/15/2030 4,406,000 3,282,800 31358DDS0 -1,123,200
31398AFD9 7/16/2007 7/15/2037 1,000,000 540,480 31358DJP0 -459,520

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