Driving Powerful Insights with the Mission Index

Designed to reinforce our mission to provide affordability, liquidity, and stability to the housing market, the Mission Index helps mortgage lenders and investors identify areas of opportunity with the potential for value-add impact.

Building on the initial Social Index framework introduced in 2022, the Mission Index reflects feedback from market stakeholders that enhance the methodology, strengthening insights into mission-oriented lending activities.

By incorporating income, borrower, and property criteria, the Mission Index can provide value-added insights for a range of single-family MBS investment approaches, including a variety of social impact portfolio needs. This flexible framework allows for the underlying criteria to evolve over time and can adapt to meet market dynamics.

The Mission Index minimizes disruption to Uniform Mortgage-Backed Securities (UMBS) in the “to be announced” (TBA) market and delivers transparency to investors while protecting borrower privacy.

Hover or tap to see how three dimensions are critical to mission-focused investors and create loan-level mission criteria that support the Mission Index. These dimensions reflect how we organize our broader commitments to serve those who need it most.


Support affordable housing and provide mortgage products, policies, and programs to meet the needs of those with modest income.


Improve access to credit for qualified borrowers, providing more affordable homeownership opportunities for buyers in underserved markets and first-time homebuyers.


Deliver innovative housing finance solutions to rural and other focus markets across the country.

Explore the Mission Index

Hover or tap on each category to learn more about our specific criteria and impact behind the Mission Index.

Income Criteria
  • Low-Income Borrower
  • Affordable Rental

We helped over 276K low- and very low-income borrowers get access to affordable housing.*

Borrower Criteria
  • First-Time Homebuyer
  • Buyers in Underserved Markets
  • Special Purpose Credit Program Borrower

We helped over 539K first-time homebuyers purchase a home.*

Property Criteria
  • Low-Income Census Tracts
  • Minority Tract
  • High-Needs Rural Areas
  • Designated Disaster Area
  • Manufactured Housing

We helped over 47K homebuyers find affordable housing in high-needs rural regions.*