Important Information and Dates: Enhanced Single-Family MBS Disclosures and an Updated PoolTalk Application

May 30, 2019


Previously we announced how to get ready for the PoolTalk® application updates. Here is more information on how you can prepare for the transition:

By June 1

By June 3

On or After June 3

✔ Download your portfolio from the current PoolTalk application – read the instructions here

✔ Download the last New Issue Pool Statistics file on June 1, before noon EDT

✔ Update scripts to reflect the new URL and disclosure files – contact us for more information

✔ Review the Introduction to PoolTalk Reference Guide

✔ Review the Data File and Reports Access Reference Guide

✔ Go to the current PoolTalk website to be redirected to the updated URL on June 3

✔ Re-register for an account on PoolTalk – read the instructions here

✔ Look out for a new announcement on June 3 that will include the new URL, opportunities to participate in a PoolTalk webinar, and a Security Details Quick Reference Guide

Email us your questions

As a part of the new disclosures and tools, we have new options for users to access files. All 2019 issuance files and monthly ongoing files will be published on after the updated PoolTalk application is available. Also, market participants are now able to directly access our new disclosure files via a secure site. For more information regarding this new functionality, please contact us.

Check out the Single-Family Disclosure Information Center to access more resources. To receive the latest updates via email, sign up here and select "Single-Family Mortgage-Backed Securities."