Updated: Fannie Mae enhances Data Dynamics with Potential Hurricane Harvey Exposure

September 1, 2017


We remain committed to supporting our customers and homeowners impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and providing transparency to our investor partners. In response to the recent events surrounding Hurricane Harvey, we have enhanced Data Dynamics®, our credit risk-sharing data analytics web tool, in order to provide estimates of loans secured by properties that may have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

This information can be found on the "Deal issuance and Performance Data" reports for both the Connecticut Avenue Securities (CAS) and Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) programs. A new column field was added to the deal profile information tab. In order to help eliminate any confusion about what this new column from Friday September 1, 2017 represents, we have changed the title of the new column from 'Potential Harvey Exposure" to "Potential Harvey UPB (%)". This column shows deal-level estimates of the percentage of unpaid principal balance in the indicated CAS or CIRT reference pools where the underlying properties are in areas that may have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The figures were derived based principally on information about geographic areas affected by the storm, including data regarding wind speeds, storm surge areas, rainfall levels, and other information. It is highly preliminary and subject to rapid and substantial revision as additional information becomes available.

As Fannie Mae receives more detailed information from its servicers and other sources about the impact of the storm on individual properties, we will periodically update this information and reflect this on Data Dynamics.

Fannie Mae is providing this information to assist interested parties to begin to evaluate the impact of Hurricane Harvey on mortgaged properties securing loans in the identified reference pools (categorized by the particular deal name). However, users should be aware of the highly preliminary and contingent nature of these estimates.

Market participants may contact the Fannie Mae Investor Help Line at 1-800-2FANNIE, Option 2, or by e-mail with questions.

Updated: 09/06/17