Fannie Mae to Update and Enhance Single-Family Loan Performance Data

December 20, 2016


Fannie Mae continues to evaluate and enhance its Single-Family Loan Performance Dataset to provide greater transparency and ease of use for the market. With the upcoming January 2017 data release, we will include three new data attributes to the dataset to provide investors with additional insight into the performance of the mortgage loans. The three additional attributes are:

  • Relocation Mortgage Indicator - A field in the acquisition file that denotes whether or not the loan is a relocation mortgage
  • Servicing Activity Indicator - A field in the performance file that denotes whether or not there was a change in servicing activity during the corresponding reporting period
  • Foreclosure Principal Write-off Amount - A field in the performance file which provides the principal amount that Fannie Mae or its loan servicers have determined to be uncollectable under applicable state laws, due to foreclosure statute of limitations

In order to provide users with assistance in processing this enhancement, we have updated the file layout, sample acquisition file, and sample performance file, which reflect pending changes to the dataset. In addition, we have provided an updated draft glossary containing definitions of the new data attributes.

We provide this data, along with our unique analytical tool, Data Dynamics™, to help investors model the credit performance of loans owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae as we work to further develop our credit risk sharing programs. Visit our webpages to learn more about our programs and our industry-leading approach to credit risk management.

Please contact the Fannie Mae Investor Help Line at 1-800-2FANNIE, Option 2, or by e-mail with any questions.