Fannie Mae Increases Loan-Level Transparency for its Connecticut Avenue Securities

October 10, 2016


In order to continue to provide increased transparency to the market, Fannie Mae is enhancing its Connecticut Avenue Securities™ (CAS) disclosure data set with six new loan-level data elements. These new attributes will apply to all disclosure data files published for CAS deals on or after October 25, 2016, including all at-issuance disclosure files going forward.

These enhancements are in response to feedback from our investors and are intended to aid investors’ ability to monitor their investments in the CAS program. The new data elements include:

  • Mortgage insurance type
  • Servicing activity indicator
  • Current period modification loss amount
  • Cumulative modification loss amount
  • Current period credit event net gain or loss amount
  • Cumulative credit event net gain or loss amount

An updated file layout (PDF) and glossary (PDF) are provided to assist market participants in understanding these changes.

Investors with questions may contact the Fannie Mae Investor Helpline at 1-800-237-8627 or by e-mail.

Originally published: 10/13/16