Fannie Mae Expands its Single-Family Historical Loan Performance Dataset to include loans with terms less than 30 years

September 22, 2017


Fannie Mae continues to strive to provide transparency to our investor and reinsurer partners. Today, we expanded our primary Single Family Loan Performance Dataset, which previously included only 30 year fixed rate mortgage loans. With this update, the primary dataset now includes 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, and 25 year fixed rate mortgage loans.

This expansion brings the total loan count in our historical performance dataset to over 35 million and is being added to support our Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) program. With CIRT, we have previously transferred risk on loans with less than or equal to 20-year original terms and we expect to bring to market in the near future an additional CIRT arrangement covering loans with original terms less than or equal to 20-years.

We also provide this updated dataset in our unique analytical tool, Data Dynamics® within the Historical Performance Data Dashboard. On this page, users can now filter on “Product” within the dataset.

These resources are aimed to help investors model the credit performance of loans owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae as we work to further develop our credit risk sharing programs. Visit our webpages to learn more about our programs and our industry-leading approach to credit risk management.

Please contact the Fannie Mae Investor Help Line at 1-800-2FANNIE, Option 2, or by e-mail with any questions.