Fannie Mae to Enhance its Single-Family Historical Loan Performance Dataset

September 22, 2020


Fannie Mae continues to enhance its Single-Family Historical Loan Performance Dataset to provide greater transparency and ease of use for the market. The upcoming October 2020 Single-Family Loan Performance data update will include acquisition data and performance data through Q2 2020. The acquisition data will no longer be published with a 13-month lag, and instead will be on a four-month lag. In addition, Fannie Mae will enhance its dataset to a single-file format with a new file layout of 108 fields, which will mirror our Single-Family Credit Risk Transfer monthly remittance disclosure files.

Beginning with the October 2020 data publication, Fannie Mae will introduce the following 15 new fields in the dataset:

Field Name


Prepayment Penalty Indicator

An indicator that denotes whether the borrower is subject to a penalty for early payment of principal.

Interest Only Loan Indicator

An indicator that denotes whether the loan only requires interest payments for a specified period of time beginning with the first payment date.

Interest Only First Principal and Interest Payment Date

For interest-only loans, the month and year that the first monthly scheduled fully amortizing principal and interest payment is due.

Months to Amortization

For interest-only loans, the number of months from the current month to the first scheduled principal and interest payment date.

Loan Payment History

The coded string of values that describes the payment performance of the loan over the most recent 24 months. The most recent month is located to the right.

UPB at the Time of Removal

The unpaid principal balance of the loan at the time of removal. Populated as a loan hits a Zero Balance Code, or is otherwise liquidated.

Total Principal Current

The change between the prior reporting period's disclosed Current Actual UPB and the current reporting period's disclosed Current Actual UPB.

HomeReady® Program Indicator

An indicator that denotes if the borrower participated in Fannie Mae’s HomeReady program. HomeReady is our affordable, low down payment mortgage product designed to expand the availability of mortgage financing to creditworthy low-to-moderate-income borrowers.

Property Valuation Method

The method by which the value of subject property was obtained.

High Balance Loan Indicator

An indicator that denotes if the original principal balance of a mortgage loan is greater than the general conforming loan limit and up to the high-cost area loan limit.

Borrower Assistance Plan

The type of assistance plan that the borrower is enrolled in that provides temporary mortgage relief or an opportunity to cure a mortgage delinquency over a defined period.

High Loan to Value (HLTV) Refinance Option Indicator

An indicator that denotes if an eligible original reference loan is refinanced under Fannie Mae's HLTV refinance option, which results in such mortgage loan remaining in the Reference Pool, as further defined in each individual CRT document, if applicable.

Alternative Delinquency Resolution

An indicator that denotes that the borrower has been granted a specified plan that provides for an alternative form of mortgage payment relief which allows the borrower to cure a mortgage delinquency by deferring all or a certain portion of past due amounts on the mortgage loan until the maturity date of the loan.

Alternative Delinquency Resolution Count

The total number of Alternative Delinquency Resolutions as reported by the servicer for a specific loan.

Total Deferral Amount

The total amount related to one or more Alternative Delinquency Resolutions which will not accrue interest.

In order to provide users with assistance in processing this upcoming enhancement, we have updated the File Layout and Glossary and provided a File Format Comparison which reflect pending changes to the dataset.

Please contact us for any additional questions.