Single-Family MBS Disclosure File and PoolTalk Enhancements

November 1, 2019


Effective November 18, 2019, Fannie Mae is introducing enhancements to its Single-Family MBS disclosure files and PoolTalk® application.  These enhancements are referenced below.

  1. When Majors and Megas/Supers are initially opened, the following attributes will be populated in the MBS Intraday Security Issuance File (FNM_IS_YYYYMMDD_X).
    • S-05 Security Factor
    • S-13 Maturity Date
    • S-21 WA Loan Term
    • S-35 Seller Name
  2. The underlying security data for Megas/ Supers (Record type 43 – Collateral List) will be published in the MBS Intraday Security Supplemental Issuance File (FNM_ISS_YYYYMMDD_X) when the collateral is initially delivered and subsequently updated, and at the settlement of the security.
  3. The MBS Intraday Security Issuance Files (FNM_IS_YYYYMMDD_X), MBS Intraday Security Supplemental Issuance Files (FNM_ISS_YYYYMMDD_X) and MBS Intraday Issuance Loan Level Files (FNM_ILLD_YYYYMMDD_X) will be available for 15 calendar days after their publication date.  Issuance data can also be found in the MBS Month-end Issuance Files (Security, Security Supplemental and Loan) which are available for six months.
  4. The Fannie Majors page on PoolTalk will include the functionality for users to export the data on the screen into a .csv document.
  5. The multiclass prospectus supplement and monthly remittance reports (for a subset of multiclass securities) will be available in the SFTP site as well as the Documents Tab in PoolTalk for those specific securities.

We are providing sample test files here.

Note: Updated on November 6, 2019 to clarify the second enhancement referenced above.