Fannie Mae Enhances At-Issuance Single-Family Mega Disclosures

May 13, 2016


As part of our continued efforts to provide timely and transparent information to the marketplace, Fannie Mae will introduce a number of enhancements to the at-issuance disclosures for Single-Family Megas. Megas are pass-through securities in which the underlying collateral consists of groups of Fannie Mae mortgage-backed securities (MBS) or other Fannie Mae Megas®.

Beginning in the second half of 2016, Fannie Mae will start publishing enhanced at-issuance disclosures for newly issued fixed-rate and adjustable-rate Single-Family Megas.  Attributes including additional weighted averages, quartile data, and various stratifications will be made available the morning after a pool is issued. The enhanced disclosures will be provided via a daily at-issuance file called the New Issue Mega Statistics (NIMS) file.

The NIMS file will contain data elements closely aligned with at-issuance disclosures for comparable single-class mortgage-backed securities.

A file layout and two sample files are included to allow market participants sufficient time to prepare their systems to consume the new files. The limited sample file represents daily limited disclosures for Mega pools that settle prior to the 8th business day of the month. Subsequent to such 8th business day, the daily final sample file represents full disclosures for Megas that settled throughout the month. The NIMS disclosure will be published under the Data Collections section on the Mega webpage.

For any questions, please contact the Fannie Mae Investor Help Line at 1-800-232-6643, Option 2 or by e-mail.

Originally published: 05/13/16