Differences in the Year of Origination Stratification

June 5, 2019


On June 6, Fannie Mae will publish its first Single-Family monthly disclosure files as part of the Single Security Initiative. Market participants may observe a difference between the previously disclosed "Year of Origination" and this same field disclosed in the June 6 MBS Monthly Security Supplemental File. This change will be most notable for Fannie Mae securities identified by "I" and "U" prefixes that are backed by modified loans. For modified loans, the Year of Origination stratification in the June 6 file is aligned to the initial origination date of the loan rather than to the modification date of the loan. We plan to update this logic in the MBS Monthly Security Supplemental Files published on July 5 and thereafter to provide the Year of Origination stratifications using the modification date of the loan as previously disclosed. Users may access these files in our new PoolTalk® application.

Any questions related to the new disclosures or application can be directed via email to Fixed-Income Marketing or call 800-2FANNIE (800-232-6643).