Updated List of Multifamily Mortgage-Backed Securities Related to the Morgan Indictment

May 23, 2019


Fannie Mae has updated the securities list related to the Morgan indictment that was first posted on July 17, 2018 to include the following pools: AN0367, AM9584. Please refer to DUS Disclose® to review the current status for all securities on the list. Additional details on the Morgan indictment can be found in the April 12, 2019 announcement in addition to the announcement published on July 17, 2018.

This list will be available going forward on the DUS Disclose Product Information Page. To be notified of any future updates to this list, please sign up to receive Multifamily MBS News and Commentary.

For help with questions, market participants may contact the Fannie Mae Fixed-Income Investor Helpline at 1-800-2FANNIE or by email.