Update on Multifamily Discount MBS (DMBS) Trades Report

March 6, 2014


Currently, Fannie Mae publishes historical trade information on Multifamily Discount MBS (DMBS), which compares the effective rate on trades for recently issued DMBS to the 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).  This information is currently found in the Multifamily DMBS Trades Report under Multifamily Securities Locator Service (SLS) which links to the Multifamily-Delivery-Resources section on Fannie Mae’s web pages.  Due to limited market participant interest, Fannie Mae is retiring the DMBS Trades Report. The last report will be published in mid-May 2014.

Disclosure information for individual DMBS is available on Fannie Mae’s Multifamily SLS. In addition, the Discounted MBS (DMBS) link on Multifamily SLS provides a listing of all active DMBS and also allows market participants to reference the DMBS disclosure documents for individual pools.

For questions, market participants may contact the Fannie Mae Fixed-Income Investor Helpline at 1-800-237-8627 or via email.

Originally published: 03/06/14