Multifamily Investor Update Regarding COVID-19 Forbearances

April 23, 2020


As part of Fannie Mae's efforts to provide transparent and timely communication to our investor community, we have published a list on DUS Disclose®, in the MBS Reports section, that identifies MBS for which an underlying loan is in a COVID-19-related forbearance period. The Multifamily MBS COVID-19 Forbearance List, which includes the pool number, CUSIP, and loan number, will be updated weekly, with the date of the last update indicated at the top of the document. Investors should note that the list includes only loans in a forbearance period related to COVID-19 and excludes loans in a forbearance period for other reasons. In addition, the list does not include any REMIC securities or Megas®. Investors are responsible for determining if an MBS held in their portfolio has a loan in a forbearance period for reasons not related to COVID-19 and whether any REMIC securities or Megas® held in their portfolio include MBS for which an underlying loan is in a forbearance period.

For questions, please contact the Fannie Mae Investor Helpline at 1-800-232-6643 or send us an e-mail.

Learn more about what Fannie Mae is doing in response to the COVID-19 emergency on the Our Approach page.