Fannie Mae to Release DUS Disclose Enhancements in August 2020

August 3, 2020


In our continued effort to make DUS Disclose® the primary source for multifamily disclosure information, we will be moving the historical data files and reports that are currently on to a new page in DUS Disclose called "Reports/Data Archive." These files will be available upon logging into DUS Disclose.

Additional changes with this release will include making the COVID-19 Forbearance list available via the API and adding certain additional fields to the user interface and/or files and reports for MBS and REMIC/Grantor Trust securities. These additional fields include:

  • Banner language
  • Index name
  • Green indicator
  • Additional addresses indicator

Details about these changes can be found below.

Moving the following historical reports from to DUS Disclose Archive:

Webpage Name Files Moving to DUS Disclose
Yield Maintenance Information Yield Maintenance Factor Files
Yield Maintenance Updated Factor Files
Yield Maintenance Period End Dates
MBS Loan Level Delinquency 60-Day Plus Delinquency File
Fannie Mae GeMS Collateral Performance Analysis Report GeMS Collateral Performance Analysis Report
SIFMA Reports All SIFMA Remittance Reports
Remittance Report Multifamily Remittance Reports
REMIC Final Data Statement – Printable/Downloadable Multifamily Final Data Statement Files
REMIC Prospectus Supplement Multifamily Prospectus Supplements
REMIC Trust Agreement REMIC Trust Agreement
Multifamily Issue Supplements
Multifamily RCR Issue Supplements

Additional fields being added to DUS Disclose:

Field Location(s)
Banner MBS Supplemental File
Additional Addresses Indicator MBS Property Details Modal
MBS Transactional Download Data File
Green Indicator User Interface: REMIC/Grantor Trust Additional Information Page
REMIC and Grantor Trust Advanced Download File
Index Name User Interface: REMIC/Grantor Additional Information Page
REMIC/Grantor Trust Transactional Download Data File

To assist market participants with the transition to these enhancements, we are providing the updated file layouts for the MBS supplemental and Advanced Search downloads for MBS and REMICs.

If you have questions about DUS Disclose or the upcoming enhancements, please contact Fannie Mae's Investor Help Line by phone (1-800-232-6643) or by email.