Fannie Mae Publishes Multifamily Mortgage Loans in Forbearance Due to Hurricane Damage

December 14, 2017


As Fannie Mae works with our customers, partners, and Federal and local authorities to bring relief to homeowners and renters impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria (the "Hurricanes"), we appreciate that investors in our Multifamily mortgage-backed securities (MBS) have an interest in knowing which loans may be impacted by these events.

In the interest of providing greater transparency to investors in our Multifamily MBS, Fannie Mae provides a list of mortgage loans and their associated CUSIPs currently granted forbearance as a result of damage to their related mortgaged properties caused by the Hurricanes. The initial list, available below and on the Fannie Mae DUS Disclose website under the "Product Information" section, is based on information that we have received from our loan servicers. The forbearance information will be periodically updated on DUS Disclose as mortgage loans within the area impacted by the Hurricanes either enter into or end the forbearance period.


Specifically, for borrowers who have properties that are affected by the Hurricanes indicated in this announcement, Fannie Mae allows its multifamily servicers to grant forbearance from loan payments for a period not to exceed three (3) months, unless further extensions are granted by Fannie Mae. During the forbearance period, our servicers are required to work with borrowers to conduct damage assessments, file insurance claims and make other preparations to respond to the damage.

Following the end of the forbearance period, the borrower is required to bring the loan current either (i) within twelve (12) months or (ii) upon receipt of insurance proceeds by the borrower or servicer, whichever occurs first.

During the forbearance period, Fannie Mae refrains from taking any adverse action against the borrower for loan delinquency; however, the loan is reported as delinquent in the ongoing disclosure for the related MBS. Generally, loans in forbearance related to the Hurricanes will stay in the MBS and Fannie Mae will continue to make scheduled payments of principal and interest on the MBS pursuant to our guaranty. Upon completion of the forbearance period, the loan will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be removed from the MBS depending on delinquency status or other factors.

List of Multifamily Loans Currently in Forbearance

Fannie Mae Multifamily Loan Number Fannie Mae Multifamily Pool Number CUSIP
1701755171 873935 31409K4U8
1702869674 874296 31409LKH7
1699210183 387528 31377UPM9
1717464054 AM7987 3138L82V5
1717465650 AM9624 3138LAVS5
1717468053 AN1893 3138LEC74
1717461366 AM5431 3138L6A99
1715875912 470802 31381UAB3
1717461074 AM5087 3138L5UM0
1717460548 AM4640 3138L5EN6
1717469871 AN3661 3138LGB70
1717457939 AM2197 3138L2NP8
1717459471 AM3647 3138L4BR3
1717052302 AM0160 3138L0FA4
8300005887 AF2283 31419RRD4
1717468159 AN2172 3138LEMW8
1717467397 AN1170 3138LDJQ7
1717463301 AM7340 3138L8EN0
1713846497 468080 31381Q6R2

When a catastrophe occurs, Fannie Mae works to understand the impact to the affected properties in the troubled area by working with our network of servicers. Once we receive sufficient information to determine the impact on a mortgaged property, we will determine if it is appropriate to provide any additional information other than the ongoing performance information provided. If we determine that circumstances warrant additional information, we will publish such information on DUS Disclose on

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