Fannie Mae DUS Disclose Updates for Mega Disclosures and Portfolio Functionality

October 6, 2020

DUS Disclose®, Fannie Mae’s multifamily security disclosure platform, will be updated at the end of October to provide more timely disclosures for Megas® and Mega-backed securities and to expand the reporting capabilities in the portfolio functionality.

Mega securities: At-issuance collateral information will now be available up to 48 hours before settlement and will continue to be updated if the disclosure information changes prior to settlement. The security status will be preliminary during this 48-hour period. File layouts will be updated to include fields that show the status of the security and the time stamp of the published disclosure data to help identify if the disclosure information has changed prior to settlement.

Mega-backed Megas and REMICs: Weighted Average Original Loan Term will now be available at-issuance.

Portfolio functionality: Registered users with saved portfolios were previously limited to 50 securities at a time when running reports but will now be able to run a report on the whole portfolio at once.

Draft layouts to support the Mega securities changes can be found here Test files  

If you have questions about DUS Disclose or the upcoming enhancements, please contact Fannie Mae's Investor Help Line by phone (1-800-232-6643) or by email.