Fannie Mae Announces Upcoming Multifamily Disclosure Enhancements in DUS Disclose

January 10, 2020


This month we will release enhancements to DUS Disclose® to expand and improve the available disclosure information. A comprehensive review of all the enhancements that will be implemented is described here. Below we highlight the enhancements related to (a) ongoing Green MBS disclosures and (b) increased coupon and pass-through rate precision on our REMIC securities.

Ongoing Green Performance Metrics

In September 2019, we enhanced DUS Disclose to include at-issuance details on Green MBS under the Green Performance tab (in the Financial and Performance Data section). With upcoming January 2020 enhancement, we will provide ongoing annual green details (when available) for the following attributes:

  • ENERGY STAR® Score
  • Source Energy Use Intensity
  • EPA Water Score
  • Water Use Intensity
  • Energy Score Date (currently disclosed as the ENERGY STAR® Score Date)

As a reminder, the details disclosed on the Green Performance tab will only be available for Green MBS. 

Increased Precision on Certain Data Points for REMICs

Based on market feedback, we are increasing the decimal precision from 3 places to 5 for the following coupon and pass-through rate related attributes:

  • Paying Coupon (%) – Issuance
  • Paying Coupon (%) – Current
  • WA Paying PTR
  • WA Accruing PTR

To receive email notification of future enhancements to DUS Disclose, please register here. If you have questions about DUS Disclose or the upcoming enhancements, please contact Fannie Mae's Investor Help Line by phone (1-800-232-6643) or by email.