Fannie Mae Builds Out MBS Functionality in Data Dynamics

August 3, 2020


Fannie Mae has enhanced Data Dynamics®, its free web analytics platform, with additional MBS resources based on market feedback. The updates include new functionality for the Benchmark CPR™ tool and a new Structured Transactions dashboard.

  1. Benchmark CPR Enhancements

• New heatmaps allow users to view each seller or servicer’s Benchmark CPR and UPB by various population cuts on a relative to cohort or absolute basis. The heatmaps are easily accessible through a button on the right side of the drop-down for each seller or servicer.

• Data on 15-year loans delivered to Fannie Mae is now included in the tool allowing users to toggle between the 30-year and 15-year populations. In addition, the 30-year and 15-year data files are available for download. Each file contains seller and servicer data for the Benchmark CPR1, Benchmark CPR3, and Benchmark CPR6.

  1. Structured Transactions Issuance Analytics

A new self-service dynamic dashboard that provides an overview of Fannie Mae Supers® issuance. This includes detail on the collateral contribution and Fannie Mae issuance share and allows users to filter by security prefix and specified story.

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