Changes to Disclosure Timing of Ginnie Mae Backed Securities

June 6, 2018

Fannie Mae will change the processing of the Fannie Mae Megas and multiclass securities backed by Ginnie Mae collateral in June, which will result in minor data differences in ongoing disclosures. Beginning in July, disclosure data on these Ginnie Mae collateral securities will be available on business day 9 (rather than calendar day 11) by 12:00 noon in the following files:  

  • REMIC Factor File
  • SMBS Factor File
  • Ginnie Mae-backed Megas Factor
  • Supplemental Factor File

The processing timeline for the non-Ginnie Mae collateral securities remains unchanged.  Additionally, the file formats and the location of the files will remain unchanged.

For questions, please contact Fannie Mae's Investor Help Line at 1-800-232-6643 or by email.