Fannie Mae's Enhanced Debt Securities Web Pages Coming by the End of October

October 18, 2012

Towards the end of October, Fannie Mae will launch a new look to its Debt Securities Web pages. Designed to improve user experience, the new layout will allow for intuitive Web browsing and will streamline the process for viewing and downloading debt information, reports, and applications with fewer clicks. 

Highlights of the new Debt Securities home page will include:

  • A Daily Dashboard section that will provide quick links to all debt reports updated on a daily basis.
  • Four quadrants that will provide an easy starting point to:

    • Find information on debt products,
    • Access debt reports,
    • View disclosure documents, and
    • Launch Fannie Mae debt application systems.
  • A quick reference to the Fannie Mae Benchmark Notes Calendar, providing easy access to upcoming announcement dates for syndicated, noncallable debt securities.

With the release of the new debt Web pages, please be advised that users will need to update any bookmarks, as the current bookmarks will no longer be active.

If you have any questions, please contact Fixed-Income Marketing at 1-888-BOND-HLP (1-800-266-3457).

Originally published: 10/18/12